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New split focus for User Group – and Azure

May 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Short and Sweet!

Azure is huge, and growing day by day. I’ve been wanting to bring more Azure content into the user group, and I’m happy to announce that as of now, we have a plan. Even months in 2011 will continue to focus on .Net and more specifically content. Odd months will be controlled, hosted, and booked by our newest up and coming community leader, Chris Coneybeer. Chris brings years of experience in .NET, community, and general volunteer tech events. He’s vey active in the local give camp, laid-off camp, code camp, (and I’m sure more) and is an all around nice guy.

This is a HUGE win for the user group. With Chris focusing on on half the year, I’m free to focus on less meetings, but bring in better content. This is a great winning combination.

Thank you Chris, and a very warm welcome, we look forward to what you can bring to the user group.

If you get a chance – blow him up on twitter @coneybeer!

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