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Testing the Windows8 WordPress app “Reblog” feature

Silicon Spatula

For years, Microsoft was regarded as the elephant in the computer room.  It was big, it was boring, and it was impossible to go one conversation without begrudgingly mentioning the computer behemoth.  But now, with the meteoric rise of Apple, things look a little different – and possibly more favorable, for the world’s largest software company and its decisive push into hardware.
For nearly ten years, Apple has had a lock on hardware, creating gorgeous aluminum-and-round-edged devices that impressed techies and average users alike. Apple excelled at crafting dependable software that worked with – and only with – their devices.  And in quick succession, Cupertino pushed out the iPod, iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad – each one not so much inventing a field as re-imagining it, tying it into Apple’s expanding, if heavily curated, ecosystem of music, TV, movies and apps.

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Back on Track in 2010

December 31, 2009 3 comments

2009 had some great meetings, events, user groups, and conferences. But we kind of ended on a dud, with me traveling so much, I was unable to put together the November and December user group meetings.


But … 2010 is almost here, and we’re back in full swing for our 2010 event schedule.

I have some great user group meetings planned, as well as several great large scale events for the year.

We’ll be getting started in January with Joel Neubeck, talking about some Silverlight 4.0 features. Specifically the support for Camera and Audio (Mic??) support, and Commanding. I’m not sure if Joel is going to run these all together, or have a part1 and part 2 talk.

So let’s get 2010 started right, with a nice showing for Joel at the January meeting.

I’ll also be speaking in January for the user group meeting, on the Version 4 topic.

Happy Holidays everyone on closing out 2009, and we all hope to see you supporting your local community (and AZGroups 🙂 in 2010

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Sept 8th – Meeting Canceled

September 8, 2009 Leave a comment

I was originally doing a session tongiht on Visual Studio tips and tricks, but I hav ea family event that has come up last minute.

This (I think) will be only the second time that the Arizona.NET User Group meeting has been canceled. What makes this so hard, is that the cancelation comes so last minute.

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September 7, 2009 Leave a comment

A quick history timeline.

1999-2000 Started  running the User Group, meetings were in Tempe.

2000-2001 Sometime. Group moved to Interface Technical Training.

2006 – Turned AZDNUG, into AZGroups, with the idea of sporting a calendar of events for all user group, instead of just the user group.

2007 (I think) Group moved to UAT, in Tempe.

2008-Present. Group moved back to PHX in the Microsoft Office.

Today, September, 7th, 2009  – I’m turning back on, with a redirect to This will give us a home page that we can use to start tracking the user group meetings, and other events.

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