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Open Invitation to Web Technologists

Hello Friends and Foe,

My name is Scott Cate, and I have lived in Arizona nearly my entire life. I graduated from Chandler High in 1991, and since then have been in technology. Early in my career I found that working with others is better than working alone. Two heads are better than one kind of thing. I generally think everyone agrees with that philosophy. What about 30 heads are better than 2? What if some of those 30 heads disagree with you? How do you respond? The immature will get aggressive and defend their idea without listening to opposition, while the mature strive to get the core dispute out on the table, and openly debate pros and cons.

Ultimately your debate should not be about proving your way, It should be about finding the right (or better) way. And that can only be done with intelligent conversation. If you have 30 intelligent people in a room, you’ll always end up with a much better result than if you answered your own questions in a box. This is what’s so great about Gangplank. The technical conversation is always about the end result, it may not be how you actually get there.

Where am I headed?

I would like to invite all local web technologists to see what Microsoft has to offer on their web stack. I’m holding an event on April 22, 2011 at the Chandler Center of the Arts. We have Scott Guthrie speaking, who is the gentleman at Microsoft who invented ASP.net, and has lead that team over the years, managing many web products along the way. We also have Mark Russinovich who will be spending time on the Microsoft Cloud Offering, named Azure.

I’m specifically calling the Anti-Microsoft community. Many of you have very valid points, and can cite a hundred things you hate about Microsoft. Some of you are the opposite, and only look at Microsoft. (I’m getting better, but I’m guilty of being in this camp). Like Ford v. Chevy, some of you don’t like Microsoft because your friends don’t like Microsoft. Just hearing the name Microsoft makes some developers stop listening. Why not spend the day, and just see what it is. I’m ABSOLUTELY NOT trying to convert you, that would be stupid. I’m just offering a friendly invitation for you to see what’s on the other side. You may like some of it, or hate it all, but you’ll be more informed with what’s current, rather than running on legacy hate.

April 22, 2011 is Good Friday, so you probably already have the day off. Please consider joining us for the day, with free parking, free wi-fi, and a free catered lunch from Murphy’s Law.

Please consider registering for the event here.

Thank you.



P.S. This is me, Scott Cate, and I’m a real person. I do not work for Microsoft, and this is not a Microsoft organized event. Sure it’s Microsoft tech focused, but what I mean is, this isn’t an event that Microsoft put together, and then said – “Hey Scott … can you help us promote …”. This is an annual event that I have been running for since 2003, growing bigger and better each year. I have a deep relationship inside Microsoft and I’m personally invested in the Microsoft Web Stack. Hopefully you don’t judge me, because you’re way might be better than my way.

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